A Pleasurable Review by Dr Laxmikanth Vora – Dr Niraj Vora

I am an old man of 86 years, practicing as an Orthopaedic Surgeon

I had pain in both my knees for a long time, and being a doctor, I knew about the complications of surgery, during and after, and so I was not thinking along lines of getting operated.

Dr Laxmikanth Vora Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

Dr Laxmikanth Vora Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

My son, Niraj, who has come back leaving his practice in Liverpool, UK, for us old parents, succeeded in convincing me to get operated.

I thank him deep down in my heart. After the operation, I was up and about doing my usual professional work within 15 days. There has been no medications, no stick, no walker.

My wife Bindu, and I, are proud of such a good and expert surgeon being our son.

Dr Laxmikant Vora

(Father of Dr Niraj Vora )