Osteoporosis Treatment in Mumbai

Osteoporosis is a medical condition where the body loses too much bone and as a result, the bone becomes weak and brittle increasing the risk of fracture many times over. Body losing too much bone is the key here to understand the cause and effect of Osteoporosis. In this blog let us dig in to […]

Knee Replacement Surgery Facts by Dr Niraj Vora

Knee Replacement has become a common issue among senior citizens, with facts stating that above 90% people above the age of 65 years are prone to knee surgery. Dr Niraj Vora is a leading orthopedic surgeon in India and has been acclaimed as the Best Knee Surgeon in Mumbai. According to him, Knee Replacement Surgery […]

Comparison Knee Joint & Osteoarthritis by Dr Niraj Vora

Healthy Knee Joint and Knee Osteoarthritis Comparison If you are one of those who has crossed the age of 40, there is every possibility that you can be prone to Osteoarthritis, according to Dr Niraj Vora, undoubtedly the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai. And when you are about to reach 60+, you may be one […]

Chronic Knee Pain Causes – Dr Niraj Vora

Dr Niraj Vora, Best Knee Specialist in Mumbai explains about different causes for Chronic Knee Pain. The common chronic knee pain causes, which mostly include anterior cruciate ligament injury, fractures and runners knee. Best treatment options for replacement of the knee joint is available in Mumbai. Read More…

Causes of Pain in Inner Thigh – Dr. Niraj Vora

There are different body conditions that can cause pain in the inner thigh. What Lower Back Surgeons say is that, pain in the inner thigh can be at times nagging and even last for about few hours. It may also be a general ache which may last for a few minutes, but the concern is […]

Prevent ACL Knee Injuries By Yourself

ACL or anterior cruciate ligament injury, ankle sprains and injuries to the knees are some common body conditions that young athletes may experience during their lifetime. If you are an aspiring athlete and carry the fear of having to be sidelined due to any of these injuries, there is nothing to fear, says Dr. Niraj […]

Simple Health Tips to Beat Winter Joint Pain for Senior Citizens By Dr. Niraj Vora

Going around comfortably with the daily activities can be difficult for senior citizens once the winter sets in and the temperature begins to fall. This is the time when aged persons are restricted to indoors more than being engaged in their daily activities and the time when arthritis can be debilitating causing much discomfort. Here […]

Wearing High Heels can Lead to Total Joint Replacement

If you do not want to risk yourself from developing Osteoarthritis in the knee joints, then stay away from wearing high heels, says, Dr. Niraj Vora, unquestionably, the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai. This can result in the deterioration of the knee joints, ultimately leading to total joint replacement. The reason of women risking a […]

Hip Joint Replacements for Even Younger Patients. Don’t Live with Pain

A growing trend for young people needing hip joint replacement is being noticed, according to the words of Dr Niraj Vora, undoubtedly the  best orthopedic surgeon from Mumbai. The question arises on which young persons are considered fit as candidates for hip joint replacement. The most common among them are those born with loose hip […]

Common types of tendonitis and its treatment

Tendonitis is the irritation or inflammation of a tendon, a cord that attaches any bone to the muscles, generally caused by  either an impact which is minor, a sudden injury, or due to over stress of the tendon. Activities that can be causes of tendonitis, according to Dr. Niraj Vora, undoubtedly one of the best […]