Comparison Knee Joint & Osteoarthritis by Dr Niraj Vora

Healthy Knee Joint and Knee Osteoarthritis Comparison

If you are one of those who has crossed the age of 40, there is every possibility that you can be prone to Osteoarthritis, according to Dr Niraj Vora, undoubtedly the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai. And when you are about to reach 60+, you may be one of the 90% population with debilitating knee pain and a sure candidate for total knee replacement. This is the time you should be comparing a healthy knee joint and knee osteoarthritis, going back to the younger days when there were no exposure of the bones or no breaking down of the cartilage in the knee joints. Neither there was an eroding meniscus or bone spurs.

The question remains as to why is aging related to this transformation of the physical condition, when, at the age of 65 you could be staring at a permanent disability due to OA, if not properly treated. Excess strain on the knee joints like heavy exercises and weight lifting can cause Osteoarthritis, but adhering to the basics of avoiding these exercises and eating a healthy diet can be one of the Osteoarthritis Treatment procedures. Debilitating pain in the knee joints is now increasing in numbers even among the younger generation and what is more alarming, is that in the coming 2 decades, TKR, or Total Knee Replacement Surgery is predicted to increase by 673%.

What Dr. Niraj Vora, the Best Knee Joint Specialist in Mumbai suggests is that, you could avoid being a candidate for a total knee replacement surgery, by following the basics, that is avoiding strenuous exercises like running on the pavement and having a balanced diet, which could save you from this alarming situation which is predicted to follow. Even if you are born after 1945, and belonging to the generation of the Baby Boom, you can avoid being a candidate for TKR, provided if you follow the guidance of Dr Niraj Vora, the doyen of Knee Joint Replacement surgery.