Dr Niraj Vora Reaches Century Milestone on Facebook

100 Likes for Dr Niraj Vora Facebook Page

Dr Niraj Vora has been reactive with Congratulatory messages received on the official Facebook page.

You could view the same by visiting the post at http://www.facebook.com/DrNirajVora/posts/269640629823929. Over 19 people have liked the post & the post had 16 comments.

We have now reached 100 Likes!!!

Thanks to everyone.

Sushmitha Prakash, Linda Mariam Benny, Lalatendu Das Mohapatra and 16 others like this.

  • Mandabi Sengupta Congratulations..
  • Dr Niraj Vora Thank you all for the likes…Thanks Mandabi Sengupta
  • Maulika Shastri Congratulations Dr. Vora and Thanks for sharing useful links/information with all of us..
  • Dr Niraj Vora Thanks Maulika Shastri for your wishes & support. We are glad you like the information we share with you.
  • Neha Singh Congratulation Dr Niraj Vora…..may you get many more likes…..& thank you so much for sharing valuable & useful information with us…
  • Bibhushri Guru Work done in the true spirit is meditation…
    Congratulations Dr Niraj Vora !
    Thanks a lot for creating such a useful page. The links shared here are really informative & useful.
    Wish you & this wonderful page many more success for the years to come.
    Stay connected & blessed
  • Manasvinee Advani congrats Dr. Niraj
  • Manasvinee Advani way to go!
  • Deepali Jain Many many congratulations!!!
  • Dr Niraj Vora Thanks Neha Singh!! We are glad to know that you stay tuned to our updates. We would also look forward to more people liking our page & updates
  • Dr Niraj Vora We are elated with your feedback Bibhushri Guru!!! Many thanks for your Wishes & Support.
  • Dr Niraj Vora Thanks Manasvinee Advani & Deepali Jain.
  • Radha Venugopal Wishing you all the very best.
  • Dr Niraj Vora Many Thanks Radha Venugopal!
  • Sushmitha Prakash congratulations and gud luck..
  • Dr Niraj Vora Thanks Sushmitha Prakash!!!

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