Dr Niraj Vora – Total Hip Replacement Exercise Guidelines

After surgery, some exercises are suggested by doctors because it can improve the hip condition and remove pains within a short time. After undergoing the total hip replacement surgery procedure, it is very important to move your feet because it can generate the normal blood circulation and remove blood clots easily. It is suggested to maintain total hip replacement exercise guidelines to stay healthy.


Total hip replacement exercise guide:

Here are some simple exercises given which can help you to remove pain and you can try out these steps on a regular basis. You should maintain these exercises after total hip replacement.

Total Hip Replacement Exercise Guidelines

• Slowly push your feet up and down. You can start this exercise after the hip replacement surgery and continue until your total recovery.

• Rotate your ankle clock wise and anti-clock wise. Do this exercise four to five times in a day.

• Fold your leg and move your heel toward the back side and straighten it normal. Do this exercise on both the legs five to six times each day.

• Tighten your bottom and thigh muscle and hold it for five to ten seconds.

• Hold a chair or supported wall and fold your operated legs toward your chest but do not create any pressure on your leg. You can start this exercise after one month of your operation and do it ten times per day.

• Stand beside a table top and raise the leg which is not operated and move it upward and downward slowly. The belly should be tucked in.

What to avoid after hip replacement?

There are some best hip replacement specialists in Mumbai which can prevent joint pain and suggest some effective exercise to their patients for total improvement of the hip portions. If you have been maintaining some exercise already but still having pain then you must consult some best hip replacement consultants India. They will suggest you the accurate chart and proper exercise routine.

• Do not run on uneven surface. Stop walking on this surface because it can generate strain on your hip and increase your pain.
• It is suggested to wear some best supportive shoes and not to use cheap quality footwear.
• Try to increase your distance of walking slowly and do not try to cover a massive distance after few days.
It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor and therapists to maintain the total hip replacement rehabilitation guidelines for getting the best result.