Hip Replacement Surgery Benefits – Dr Niraj Vora

A pain anywhere in the body can be a serious cause of concern.  Not only does it make you feel uncomfortable, but your regular life is impaired too. However, there could be few pains which are as bad as that of the hip.  If one has met with an accident, this could be the case and the same could also be the case with age related problems like Arthritis. The pain not only makes you lose sleep, but it also impacts your mobility.  It is, therefore, advisable for you to consider a Hip replacement surgery. It can not only relieve you of all the pain but also improves your performance at routine tasks.


This procedure generally replaces the affected hip joint with an artificial one.  It is known by various other names like Hip Arthroplasty or Total Hip Replacement.  While it is a common surgery, it has its own set of complications and one should prefer working with expert surgeons only.  It is generally safe for patients of all ages; the old aged ones should, however, take more advice before going for the surgery.


There are various benefits that you can have by considering the Hip replacement procedure.  Here is a list of a few of them:

MORE MOBILITY: What pain in the hip generally does is that it hampers your mobility. In other words, you cannot work on your daily tasks with complete ease. What a surgery would do, though, is that it would considerably improve your mobility. You would be able to do things with ease.

PAIN RELIEF: This is quite an obvious and one of the most sought after benefits of a Hip replacement surgery. The pain is alleviated and in some cases it is completely eliminated from the body. Therefore, you do not need to have sleepless nights anymore and you can have a pain free life.

FEW RISKS: Unlike some of the other surgeries, a hip replacement surgery comes with fewer risks.  While there are some layers of complexity, the doctors have enough expertise to manage them.  Moreover, there are various developments in the instruments and other technology usage that makes the surgery safe and secure.

COST EFFECTIVE: The total hip replacement surgery requirements, in terms of the cost involved, are is low. There are thousands and lacs of people who go through undergo this surgery every year and this validates the point that it is cost effective and can be afforded by people of all walks of life. Moreover, people avail options of getting this surgery done in country like India, where the cost benefits are all the more. There are various Hip Anthroplasty treatments in Mumbai, Delhi and other centers which are doing really well.

IMPROVED SUCCESS RATE: Over a period of time, the success rate of this surgery has improved. Only in the US, there are more than 200,000 people who go through hip replacement surgery every year and if this number is extrapolated to the world, it would be a telling figure.

Hence, there is no reason why you should bear the pain when you can get it treated with the surgery.

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