Knee Replacement Implant by Dr Niraj Vora

Best Knee Replacement Implant

Often, people suffering from osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other kinds of knee issues, decide to get rid of the pain once and for all. They opt for Knee replacement implants whereby the weight-bearing surfaces of the bones and joints of the knees are replaced to provide comfort and relieve the knees of pain. This procedure is called knee arthroplasty or knee replacement.

Know about knee replacement implant

To help people who are thinking about undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery some of the basics of the procedure have been mentioned. There are four basic steps to the Knee Implants and they are listed below:

  1. Preparing of the bone– The cartilages which are damaged, are removed. A little of the underlying bone is also removed.
  2. Insertion of Metal Implants– Carefully and tenderly, the metal structure is inserted to provide a new surface for the bones.
  3. Resurface the Kneecap– The under surface of the kneecap is cut and a plastic made button is inserted in its place.
  4. Insertion of Spacer– A plastic spacer is placed in between the metal components to make the surface smoother, which is quite essential for functioning and drifting.

Kinds of Knee Replacement Implants

There are different approaches and tools that are required for the different kinds of implants. The ‘single radius knee’ is the most common and the most preferred method of knee replacement implants. Apparently, this style or technique of implant, regardless of factors like age, activity levels, etc., provides the patient with maximum flexibility and extension.

There are two other common knee replacement implant methods and they are called mobile bearing and fixed bearing. Fixed bearing implants are also extremely popular. This method involves insertion of the plastic into the tibial plate. The mobile bearing method involves the same procedure but it can rotate as well.

Discussion with surgeon and choosing the kind of implant

While the internet may have some valuable information about knee replacement implants and surgeries, not all of them are reliable. However, a surgeon who is quite reputed in his field of work is someone who can help you out with this. There are quite a number of factors that have a major role to play in determining the kind of implant you should get. Age, gender, etc. are only some of the criteria.

Rehabilitation process explained     

The rehabilitation procedure starts almost immediately after the surgery. Standing up and walking with the help of some assistive device starts within 24 hours of the surgery. It is crucial to get used to the artificial knee as quickly as possible. The therapist will provide you with exercises to do on a regular basis. That will help strengthen the muscles. Not a lot of pressure will be put on the knee and a nurse will be helping you with bandaging, using the toilet and bathing till you no longer require assistance.

Renowned and proficient surgeons like Dr Niraj Vora can help you find the best solution and the best implant method. So don’t rush into anything. Always opt for the right option that can provide you the best results.