Knee Swelling and Pain Causes – Dr Niraj L Vora

Arriving at the cause of knee swelling is similar to a challenge as it is sometimes an acute one or chronic one, or caused by a recent injury or gradually associated with the onset. It is assumed to be like water on the knee and is a common problem. It is around the knee in the soft joints or within the knee joint. It is essential to determine the real cause of knee swelling.

Swollen knees in patients is seen either as having fluid within the knee joint itself, or in the surrounding soft-tissue. Normally the knee joint has a capsule that has a small amount of lubricating fluid in knees to move easily. In certain situations, the liquid/fluid gets accumulated in the knees causing swollen knee called as knee effusion.

If the fluid is inside the knees, the evaluation has to go beyond to check for any associated injuries like acute injuries. In case of any acute injuries caused due to any trauma in earlier hours between 24 – 48 hours, then determine the type of fluid within the knee.  In some injuries, there is bleeding and sudden increase in the production of synovial fluid. While it bleeds, the swelling becomes intense and worst. There are two conditions for accumulation of blood in the knees, one is ACL tear and other is fracture of bone and cartilage of bone. The accumulation of non-bloody fluid in the knees is due to meniscus tears and ligament sprains. It is not as intense as seen in the blood accumulation.

Dr Niraj L Vora has an intense experience in curing knee diseases and patience to deal each patient in same temperament. Many chronic conditions, knee arthritis, infection, swelling without any injury, gout and pseudogout are causes for swollen knees. Even the fluid outside the knee joints, is formed in the soft tissues surrounding the knees. It is usually due to prepatellar bursitis, where the fluid accumulates on top of the knee, precisely on the knee cap. It is also noticed, that fluid accumulates in the soft tissues due to any injury such as a contusion to the knee.

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