Mr. Bipin Gandhi Celebrating 1st Anniversary TKR Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

On 19/9/2012, my family & self will be celebrating 1st Anniversary of my TKR & would like to place on record my heartfelt thanks & gratitude to you Dr Niraj Vora & your team of Surgeons.

I was referred to you by our close family friend Dr NP Mehta. This + your profile on your website revealing your meritorious academics & long experience as Trauma & Knee & Hip replacement Surgeon in UK imbibed lot of trust & confidence which prompted me to take quick decision to get operated by you.

After almost a year of surgery, I am enjoying my new life albeit with little residual pain around both knees (say 5-10% of original pre TKR pain) which hopefully will subside & go away before this Diwali. I am sure, you will be glad to know that I blissfully & successfully concluded my long cherished dream of Kailas-Mansarovar Yatra / Parikrama during mid July, 2012 (after about 10 months of surgery).

May God bless you Dr Niraj Vora & all your colleagues. It will be my pleasure & privilege to be of any assistance to you and your colleagues.

The happiness is bundled to express when Mr. Bipen Gandhi gave his gratitude – Dr Niraj Vora Reviews