Mrs. Indu Singh Reviews Dr Niraj Vora – Osteoporosis of Bones

Mrs Indu Singh - Dr Niraj Vora Reviews

Mrs Indu Singh – Dr Niraj Vora Reviews

I, Indu Singh presently 65 years of age was suffering from Osteoporosis of Bones from last 6 years. A continuous pain and discomfort was experienced in my right knee. We consulted doctors in Chennai and later moved to Mumbai in Feb 2008. I consulted Orthopaedic Surgeons in Mumbai but everyone suggested to go through knee replacement. Frankly I was very scared of surgery as such preferred medication, pain killers and serum injections to avoid knee surgery.

In the mean time my daughter had seen the web site which indicated over 1000 knee replacements carried out by Dr Niraj Vora before March 2012. Now 11 months have passed…… i do household work, go for shopping, go for movies, walk around in the malls and visit friends. Now I am trying to convince my husband for a trip abroad… Read Story – Dr Niraj Vora Reviews