Dr Niraj Vora – Osteoarthritis of the Hip – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

The most common form of arthritis is Osteoarthritis that occurs in hip joints causing pain, softness, and swelling with reduced mobility factors in joints. The deep ball and socket joint in the hip area that connects the ball-like head of the femur to the deep cup like acetabulum of the pelvis is deceased with growing age that causes pain and uneasiness in your joint. It restricts your activities with movement limitations.

Most of the people complain gnawing pain in hip joint for many reasons that are relative to age, health and unexpected incidents causing any fractures and trauma.

Causes of Hip Osteoarthritis:

  • Due to wear and tear arthritis, Osteoarthritis of the hip occurs where cartilage tissue (a slick that covers the ends of the hip joint bones i.e. tibia, femur and patella) breaks down.

  • It usually happens due to obesity, old age and stress related activities that effects joints.

  • It is observed that women tend to get more affected by the problem of osteoarthritis than men.

  • Joint injuries due to sports and continues stress can also cause Osteoarthritis.

  • The rubbery and glistening surface of the cartilage becomes rough and with passing time dexterities completely that leaves your bones to rub each other while any activity. Extra pieces of bone are formed around the affected joint in certain patients.

Symptoms of Hip Osteoarthritis:

The major symptom for Osteoarthritis is joint pain and stiffness. There will be a minor growth of bone pieces on the margin of joints, which reflects in pain during any activity. Also when you move the joint, it causes a great sensation and the condition can only improve in proper rest and care. It is very unpleasant situation when a person suffers from Hip Osteoarthritis as it becomes difficult for performing activities like walking, jumping, sitting and climbing.The primary Hip Osteoarthritis is due to genetic predispositions that usually it is transmitted by heredity.

Treatment of Hip Osteoarthritis:

To confirm Hip Osteoarthritis problem for any patient, the doctor will evaluate on various parameters.It is not easy to arrive at a single test for diagnosing osteoarthritis. A complete medical history and physical examination is required which checks whether your hip is functional or not.

To improve the function, mobility and lifestyle of any patient suffering from hip osteoarthritis is to treat hip and control pain.

  • Given full rest and take a good care of joint by using a cane for moving around can reduce the weight on the affected hip.

  • Lose excess weight and minor exercises.

  • Follow non-drug pain relief techniques to control pain

  • Using pain killers like acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil), or as prescribed by doctor.

  • Hip Replacement Surgery and Hip Resurfacing are complementary and alternative therapies. A successful hip replacement surgery will reduce joint pains gradually.

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