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Osteoporosis Treatment in Mumbai

Osteoporosis is a medical condition where the body loses too much bone and as a result, the bone becomes weak and brittle increasing the risk of fracture many times over. Body losing too much bone is the key here to understand the cause and effect of Osteoporosis.

In this blog let us dig in to help you better understand Osteoporosis- its causes, symptoms and treatment. And then we help you find the best doctor for Osteoporosis treatment in Mumbai. Read on:

Bone Formation & Osteoporosis:

Bones that look like rigid and solid is the only outer shell. Inside it is spongy living tissues that look like honeycomb under a microscope. It is supplied with blood vessels that provide essential nutrients for its growth. As living tissue, bone renewal happens continuously until adulthood. New bone is continuously deposited and also simultaneously absorbed – the net being the positive helping the bone growth until adulthood.

However, after adulthood, bone deposition equals absorption (loss) to maintain the strength of the bones. Post 40 years of age bone deposition drastically tapers down while absorption increases leading to gradual bone loss.

Osteoporosis is a medical condition where this bone loss is accelerated to the point that bones become brittle, porous and weak losing their innate strength in the process.

What causes Osteoporosis?

Though every one of us suffers bone loss with age, osteoporosis is used only when the bone loss is too high to the point that the bone becomes fragile. Women after a certain age are more prone to osteoporosis than men due to menopause and depletion of oestrogen in their body – a woman who suffer early menopause run a greater risk, according to joint replacement and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Niraj Vora. Other possible causes of Osteoporosis include:

Steroids: Steroids that are used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis may lower the absorption of calcium and increase the loss of calcium aggravating the loss of bone increasing the risk of Osteoporosis.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices –Smoking and alcohol may interfere with testosterone production and inhibits bone generation, lack of exercise can weaken the bones over time and poor diet doesn’t help either. Heavy smoking, alcohol usage, lack of exercise and poor diet are the holy quartet that can increase the risk of osteoporosis as well.

In addition to the above, ethnicity, genetic predisposition, age, previous history of fractures also play a role in the development of Osteoporosis.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis:

Unfortunately, the first major symptom of Osteoporosis is a fracture of a bone in most cases. As bones become weak the patient’s risk for fracture even for mild falls or injuries increase by several times. The hip, wrist spine are often the most affected joints for a person suffering from osteoporosis. In few cases, vertebrae are effect and person may gradually lose height and experience lower back problems.

Treatment for Osteoporosis in Mumbai:

After a patient is diagnosed with Osteoporosis, the bone doctor (orthopaedist) assess the cause of the condition and prepares a treatment plan according to the specific cause. This Osteoporosis treatment plan can include lifestyle changes, medications, supplements and also appropriate exercise.

 In case the patient consults the orthopaedist after the fracture, the treatment plan is started after the bone surgery or treatment. Osteoporosis after a certain age cannot be completely cured but steps can be taken to delay or prevent it with the help of the right orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai. If you are in Mumbai looking for a best bone doctor in Mumbai to treat Osteoporosis or need more information about its prevention, you can contact joint replacement and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Niraj Vora mail him here: nlv@drnirajvora.com