Thank you Nirajbhai – Gracious Gratitude Review

My father was not able to walk properly for the past year. We consulted Dr. Niraj Vora. He examined him and told us he has severe Arthritis. We were skeptical but our confidence in him made us take the decision to go ahead with it. Finally he was operated upon both the knees on 3rd January […]

Knee Replacement Implant by Dr Niraj Vora

Best Knee Replacement Implant Often, people suffering from osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other kinds of knee issues, decide to get rid of the pain once and for all. They opt for Knee replacement implants whereby the weight-bearing surfaces of the bones and joints of the knees are replaced to provide comfort and relieve […]

Mrs. Indu Singh Reviews Dr Niraj Vora – Osteoporosis of Bones

I, Indu Singh presently 65 years of age was suffering from Osteoporosis of Bones from last 6 years. A continuous pain and discomfort was experienced in my right knee. We consulted doctors in Chennai and later moved to Mumbai in Feb 2008. I consulted Orthopaedic Surgeons in Mumbai but everyone suggested to go through knee […]

V.P. Tripathi Review on Right Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Niraj Vora

I was experiencing slight twitching pain in my right knee from the beginning of year 2011. My son started looking out for a better doctor in his network & colleagues and someone from his office happen to suggest name of Dr. Niraj Vora. As soon as we entered in his room, my son realized that […]

Sudha Malhotra’s Review – Dr Niraj Vora Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Due to the restricted movement and pain, I finally decided to go for Total Knee Replacement In Mumbai. We consulted many doctors but were not able to finalise a hospital for the treatment. I would like to recommend Dr Niraj Vora and Sunridges Speciality Hospital to several of my friends and relatives who are undergoing […]

Mrs Shammi Balse Recommends Dr Niraj Vora

On the 3rd of May 2016 Dr Niraj Vora replaced both my knees at the Bellevue Hospital. When I went to meet him for the 1st time on 22nd April he put me in a comfort zone. My precondition was that he puts me under general anaesthesia and he agreed. I knew that I was […]

Knee Replacement Surgery Facts by Dr Niraj Vora

Knee Replacement has become a common issue among senior citizens, with facts stating that above 90% people above the age of 65 years are prone to knee surgery. Dr Niraj Vora is a leading orthopedic surgeon in India and has been acclaimed as the Best Knee Surgeon in Mumbai. According to him, Knee Replacement Surgery […]

Comparison Knee Joint & Osteoarthritis by Dr Niraj Vora

Healthy Knee Joint and Knee Osteoarthritis Comparison If you are one of those who has crossed the age of 40, there is every possibility that you can be prone to Osteoarthritis, according to Dr Niraj Vora, undoubtedly the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai. And when you are about to reach 60+, you may be one […]

Chronic Knee Pain Causes – Dr Niraj Vora

Dr Niraj Vora, Best Knee Specialist in Mumbai explains about different causes for Chronic Knee Pain. The common chronic knee pain causes, which mostly include anterior cruciate ligament injury, fractures and runners knee. Best treatment options for replacement of the knee joint is available in Mumbai. Read More…

Replacement Surgery For Shoulder – Dr. Niraj Vora

Dr Niraj Vora explains how non surgical treatment for shoulder pain. Although you might have some anxious and nervous moments before a shoulder replacement surgery, knowing what you can expect from the surgery and the procedure can help you to gain confidence, especially if you come to know from any best doctor for shoulder replacement […]