Prevent ACL Knee Injuries By Yourself

ACL or anterior cruciate ligament injury, ankle sprains and injuries to the knees are some common body conditions that young athletes may experience during their lifetime. If you are an aspiring athlete and carry the fear of having to be sidelined due to any of these injuries, there is nothing to fear, says Dr. Niraj Vora, the best Knee Replacement Surgeon Mumbai, as you can prevent knee injuries by yourself.

What orthopedic doctors like Dr. Niraj Vora suggest you to do in order to prevent the risk of Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery, is to ensure a good alignment of your body while moving. This can be done by following some exercises for supporting your ankles and knees like jumping, landing, stopping and then moving with knees positioned directly over your feet. Ensure that your knees do not collapse inwards and develop strength in your thighs and hips. Practice a range of drills and stretches to warm up before practice sessions in order to ensure that the patterns of your movement come naturally.

While performing the drills, see that your chest is high and over the knees, bend from the knees and hip, keep the toes straight, position your knees over the toes and when you land, land as lightly as possible. Warming up and stretching before practice sessions are important to help proper blood circulation within the muscles and bring flexibility to your movements. Squats, walking lunges and exercises for strengthening the core back muscles are some drills that you can practice with your teammates. Taking advice from orthopedic doctors and physical instructors can help you perform these exercises in the right manner. This will help to prevent you to carry the risk of Knee Replacement which may be harmful to your career prospects. Maintaining the body balance and following exercises in agility changing, jumping and landing safely are very important for providing enough strength to the hip and the knees.

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