Simple Health Tips to Beat Winter Joint Pain for Senior Citizens By Dr. Niraj Vora

Going around comfortably with the daily activities can be difficult for senior citizens once the winter sets in and the temperature begins to fall. This is the time when aged persons are restricted to indoors more than being engaged in their daily activities and the time when arthritis can be debilitating causing much discomfort. Here are some health tips for winter joint pain relief as suggested by  Dr Niraj Vora, the Best Orthopedic Specialist and among the leading orthopedic surgeons in India.

Being Active

Limbering up with mild exercises can be one of the best ways to heat the body during the winter and for preventing the aggravation of arthritis, fibromyalgia or osteoporosis. Practising yoga and swimming in a pool of warm water can also be beneficial for aged persons.

Dressing Up for the Winter

Wearing warm clothes, housecoats, jackets and layered inners can help the body to be insulated and the joints to stay nimble. This prevents to stay away from joint pain and stay active when indoors as well as outdoors. Woollen socks, comfortable slippers and shoes, blankets, hats and gloves are some other accessories that can help seniors stay warm during winter.

Proper Diet and Drinking

A change in diet plan and beverages can help senior citizens to prevent recurrence of joint pain during the cold weather. While changing the eating and drinking habit it is important to check the nutritional intake to keep healthy. Spicy food and warm beverages and soups are great ways to nourish the body during winter. It helps to raise the body temperature and stay comfortable without feeling any pain in the joints even when the weather is biting cold. Healthy eating habit can also help in keeping the body weight in check so that no extra weight falls on the body joints which can cause pain in the joints.

These tips can help immensely in Joint Pain Treatment as opined by Dr Niraj Vora, best orthopedic surgeon and joint pain specialist in Mumbai. To know more about joint pain and Dr. Niraj Vora, you can visit