Visionaire Knee Replacement

Visionaire Knee Replacement

Visionaire knee arthroplasty or knee replacement is a method used to replace your worn-out knees with a healthier pair for better functioning and comfort. Here, X-Rays and MRI images are used to design the specific and special tools that will be needed for your surgery. This process helps in getting rid of the pain and discomfort caused by your weak knees.

While getting your old pair of knees replaced by new implants, many factors should be kept in mind to attain great and efficient results in the functioning of the new implants. Some of those factors are mentioned below:

  • The type and material of implant you wish to use.
  • Your age at which you choose to get your knees replaced- Usually, any age before 70 years is not considered to be as dangerous as it is after 70.
  • The reason behind your decision of getting your knees replaced- Some causes that demand this surgery include post-traumatic arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, and osteonecrosis.
  • The type of fixation you want for your implants- cemented or uncemented.

It is very important to pay attention to the requirements for your knee implant for it to work efficiently and comfortably. The alignment and position of the knee implants can cause various issues like:

  • Uneven wear of the knee implants
  • Premature fail of these pair
  • Poor functioning and causes discomfort

When you plan on getting your knee replaced, you do so to enjoy the perfect working of your knees without any problems regarding its comfort and functioning. This is why choosing the type of implants and the correct alignment of the same should be done very carefully or else the entire purpose of getting implants is defeated. There are many options for knee replacement in Mumbai which are very safe to consider.

Certain factors are entirely based on the type of patient who is getting this surgery. Some of the basic factors of the patient that can cause poor functioning of the implants are:

  • Obesity– The weight of the patient can act as a huge game-changer when it comes to the proper functioning of knee implants. They are more prone to infections and injuries caused by these implants.
  • Narcotics– If the patient is a high user of narcotics before the knee replacement surgery, many issues are caused after the implantation as their body has a lot of drug content that affects the quality and efficiency of the implants.

  • Age– Age is a huge factor to consider before the entire surgery and how safe it will be for the patient. Older people already have weaker bodies and it is necessary to know for sure if their bodies will be able to handle this surgery well so that there is no hindrance in the recovery procedure.

Visionaire knee replacement in Mumbai is considered to be very efficient and safe. Dr Niraj Vora is the most trusted and advanced doctor who has a lot of experience in this field. He is known to be one of the best knee replacement surgeons in Mumbai. If you are looking for a great doctor for your knees, do contact Dr Niraj Vora.