A Life Transformed: Prema Thakkar’s Testimony on Dr Niraj Vora

When our physiotherapist recommended Dr. Niraj Vora, I decided to go ahead with the TKR surgery. From our initial meeting, Dr. Niraj Vora’s knowledge and confidence were reassuring. His thorough examination and explanation of my knee issues, coupled with his engaging personality and communication in Gujarati, made me feel confident and comfortable. He took the […]

Hip Stress Fractures: Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment

Hip stress fractures are a relatively common yet often overlooked injury, particularly among athletes and individuals engaged in repetitive high-impact activities. Understanding the symptoms, proper diagnosis, and effective treatment options for hip stress fractures is crucial for both prevention and recovery. Symptoms of Hip Stress Fractures Hip stress fracture symptoms can manifest in various ways, […]

Knee Reconstruction Surgery vs Knee Replacement

While both knee replacement and knee reconstruction surgery are orthopedic treatments intended to treat knee issues, they accomplish distinct goals. While knee replacement entails replacing the whole knee joint with an artificial implant, knee reconstruction focuses on mending damaged ligaments or tissues within the knee joint. These treatments are designed for people with different levels […]

Prehabilitation for Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is an innovative treatment that can eliminate pain, restore mobility, and even improve the quality of life for those with hip joint disorders. Even though postoperative rehabilitation is often highlighted, rehabilitative principles are gaining attention as a helpful tool for better patient outcomes. Prehabilitation refers to preparing the individuals physically and psychologically […]

Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain Treatment

Anterior knee pain is the pain experienced at the front part of the knee. It is widespread for older adults in their 50s to experience this pain due to age-related wear and tear. In fact, it is the most common knee pain experienced by humans in their lifetimes. But did you know that even adolescents […]

Subtrochanteric Hip Fractures Treatment

Subtrochanteric fractures are the most painful and challenging hip fractures patients across all ages suffer. Though rare and account for only 10% of cases, they can be a nightmare for people suffering from potential complications, less propensity to heal, and a long recovery road. These agonizing fractures can happen due to both high-energy and low-energy […]

Knock Knee Causes Symptoms & Treatments

Do your ankles come together when you try to bring in your knee while standing? They must and they do in most cases – when the inner knees connect, the ankles are bound to close in too. However, in some cases, the knees tend to cave inwards, and they meet earlier than the ankles, preventing […]

Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injury Treatment

The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is responsible for the stability of the knee joint. It is located on the inside of the knee and connects the thigh bone (femur) to the shin bone. (tibia). An MCL injury can be caused by rapid twisting or direct contact with the ligament. Let us look into the therapies […]

How Common Is Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery?

Bilateral Hip replacement surgery also referred to as double Hip replacement surgery is a surgical intervention that involves the replacement of both hip joints with prosthetic implants. This procedure is commonly recommended for patients who suffer from severe arthritis or other joint conditions that result in pain, stiffness, and difficulty in movement. Although the surgery […]

Knee Extensor Mechanism Injuries | Dr Niraj Vora

Damage to the knee’s extensor mechanism is a very common and frequent form of injury. These injuries happen when the quads tendons, patellar tendons, and retinaculum, which make up the extensor system of the knee, are ripped or twisted exceeding their natural range of movement. These injuries can lie anywhere in the spectrum of severity […]