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Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain Treatment

Anterior knee pain is the pain experienced at the front part of the knee. It is widespread for older adults in their 50s to experience this pain due to age-related wear and tear. In fact, it is the most common knee pain experienced by humans in their lifetimes.

But did you know that even adolescents can also experience knee pain at the front part of the knee? Yes, even teens entering adulthood can experience knee pain, which is often termed adolescent anterior knee pain.

So, why do people at their healthiest and youngest experience adolescent anterior knee pain? What are its symptoms, and how is it treated? With the input from the top knee surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora, let’s find more information in this blog.

What is Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain? What causes it?

Anterior knee pain is often used to describe the pain experienced around the knee cap, particularly at the front of the knees. This pain can occur in many individuals for various reasons. Particularly adolescent anterior knee pain, typically around age 18, is linked to rapid growth spurts during adolescence.

“Growth occurs quickly in adolescents, and the bone that grows needs to be supported by all the tendons and muscles, which must stretch to accommodate and support the new growth. When the bone proliferates, the muscles may not stretch as needed, ultimately pulling the tendons and leading to knee pain. Adolescents who are active in sports have a higher chance of experiencing anterior knee pain, but others are not exempted,” says Dr. Niraj Vora, the best knee surgeon in Mumbai.

What are the symptoms of Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain?

The most common and prominent symptoms of anterior knee pain in the pain around the knee cap include a clicking movement. These two symptoms are common and are aggravated by prolonged walking, running, sitting, and other sports activities. Swelling, tenderness, difficulty in straightening the knee, weakness, and instability are other symptoms that can manifest in these cases. All these symptoms can vary from person to person and differ in intensity.

Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain Treatment:

Treatment for adolescent anterior knee pain involves a multifaceted process that includes RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), physiotherapy, medications, taping, and stretching exercises to improve flexibility.

“We typically use rest and activity modification, ice, and elevation to reduce the aggravated pain in anterior knee pain cases. Physical therapy is essential, employing specific exercises that target muscles around the knee to improve strength and flexibility. Patellar bracing and taping can also help improve support and control patellar movement and improve the outlook,” says the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora.

In addition to the above, footwear and orthotics for better arch support and alignment, pain medication, and patellar stabilization exercises are also used to reduce pain and improve the knee condition. “Though there are plenty of treatment options available to treat adolescent knee pain, the right treatment option is chosen based on the specific condition of the patient, the exact cause, the health of the knee, routine, and more. Only after assessing the specific condition and severity of knee pain is the right treatment tailored according to the individual patient,” says the top knee surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora. If you are in Mumbai and looking for more information on adolescent anterior knee pain treatment, Dr. Niraj Vora is the best knee surgeon in Mumbai who specializes in knee pain treatment. You can contact him  +91-22-6686 8600.

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