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Microfracture Surgery for Cartilage Repair in the Knee

Cartilage is a tough and flexible connective tissue that acts as a cushion at the joint to reduce the friction between the bones. The damage to the cartilage often results in inflammation joint pain and mobility problems.

Unlike other joint components, cartilage does not have a blood supply and as a result, it takes a longer time to heal. In this blog with the inputs of knee specialists and the best orthopaedic in Mumbai Dr Niraj Vora we will check out the symptoms of cartilage damage, causes and learn about Microfracture surgery for cartilage repair in the knee.

Cartilage – The Cushion and Cover of the Knee:

One of the largest joints human body, the knee is guarded and covered by two types of cartilage namely articular cartilage and fibrocartilage (meniscus). While fibro cartilage serves as the cushion between the weights bearing surfacing of the knee, articular cartilage helps in the smooth gliding of the bones.

Degenerative tears are trauma, sports injuries can lead to damage of both types of cartilage. And this damage can be both localized and overall – patients (even active men and women) can suffer either type of cartilage damage.

Cartilage Repair & Microfracture Surgery:

As said above the cartilage unlike other component do not grow as it does not have any blood vessels that nourish them. The cartilage receives the nutrients from the synovial fluid and the number of nutrients sits receives depends on the movement at the joint. With joint pain prevailing the movement is limited so is the nutrient delivery thus delaying the healing of the cartilage.

On top of this amount of cartilage (articular) in an individual is fixed and one cannot regrow the cartilage. The treatment options used by knee surgeons are to regrow fibrocartilage to compensate for the loss of articular cartilage.

Microfracture Surgery for Cartilage Repair:

Microfracture surgery is the common surgery technique performed by knee surgeons to repair the damaged cartilage behind the knee cap and in the knee joint.

Since the blood supply to the cartilage is limited, a knee surgeon chips tiny holes on the soft bone of the knee. These tiny holes call for increased blood flow which stimulates cartilage growth and repair. Physical therapy is performed post-surgery and walking support is enabled to avoid keeping weight on the knee. The majority of the patients do very well after the surgery. “Since the recovery is slow, it may take around 9 months for regular people to return to their regular activities. Patients in their 40s with normal weight often see even better results” says an orthopaedic specialist in Mumbai Dr Niraj Vora.

The goal of Microfracture surgery is to repair the damage and slow cartilage degeneration to delay arthritis. It is also commonly used to treat knee pain caused due to the injurious of cartilage. If you are living in and around Mumbai and are looking for Microfracture surgery or any other treatment option for cartilage repair, then Dr Niraj Vora is the best knee surgeon in Mumbai who can help you. Contact him here Call@+91-22-6686 8600

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