Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Mumbai

Millions of people are suffering from arthritis due to the growing age and obesity. A few young people are encountering in mishaps like accidents or sudden falls from heights cause a lot of discomfort in joints. Joint pains can be a recurring pain in either knee joints or hip joints that makes life miserable and restrict people to be active in life.

In such cases of severity, Doctors advice patients to undergo surgeries for providing relief to their pain and giving them back their normal life. Total hip replacement surgery is widely accepted and recommended for patients suffering from severe joint pains in the hip area that gradually reduces their mobility. Through the ages, the concept of hip replacement surgeries has gone through many innovations and advancements.

Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery is very popular and practical with high rate of success. In the process of hip replacement surgery, the damaged ball (the upper end of femur) is replaced by artificial material like metal or ceramic ball that is attached to the metal with or without cement into the femur. The damaged socket is replaced by a plastic or ceramic socket that is implanted into the pelvis.

The surgeon carefully implants the artificial objects to the hip area so that the ball and the socket move freely without causing any pain to the patient. There are different types of total hip replacement surgeries that are implied according to the condition of the patient. People get enormous relief after they undergo the surgery. They can move easily without any others help and can continue to lead their normal life as before.

If you are suffering from joint pains and unable to lead a normal life due to your arthritis or orthopaedic problems, don’t neglect and try to take a good advice from an orthopaedic specialist. Mumbai has a good number of orthopaedic surgeons and consultants who are well reputed and experienced in healing patients with joint pains problem.

One of the leading hip replacement surgeons in Mumbai is Dr.Niraj Vora, who happened to have performed 2000 total knee surgeries and 500 total hip replacement surgeries along with trauma and general surgeries. He is a dedicated surgeon who has cured many patients with hip joints problems through his surgeries. Recently he was an elegant speaker in the Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference (WIROC) 2012, an event organized by Bombay Orthopaedic society, scheduled from December 28 – 30, 2012 at Renaissance Hotel & Convention Centre, Mumbai. It was the 46th Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference and 2nd largest Orthopaedic Conference in India.

Amidst the many eminent delegates, Dr. Niraj Vora had the privilege to be one of the speakers in the conference and impart his experience.

He is very liberal with his patients and his approach to each patient with keen interest and concern makes him unique among the other surgeons. Patients who are advised to undergo replacement surgeries can always feel free to approach Dr Niraj L Vora by submitting a query at

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