Hip Arthritis Treatment in Mumbai

What is Hip Osteoarthritis? What are its Symptoms & Treatment Options?

Hip arthritis is the second most common form of osteoarthritis experienced by older adults around the world. Being a progressing disorder, osteoarthritis gradually worsens over time, slowly damaging the hip joint resulting in the stiff and painful hip.

What Is Osteoarthritis and How Does It Affect the Hip?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerate bone condition that results due to gradual wear and tear of the joints. Once it sets-in, this condition slowly destroys the cartilage in the joint forming a scar and painful growths of bone. In advanced cases of osteoarthritis, the patients may lose the cartilage causing stiff bones and painful movements.

The ball and socket joint of the hip is internally lined with cartilage to facilitate smooth movements of the hip joint. As we age this smooth cushion of cartilage gradually wears away causing the roughened-up ball and socket to rub against each other making it difficult for the hip to perform its functions without pain. When the joint is left untreated this osteoarthritis can worsen, permanently destroying the joint over time.

Symptom of Hip Osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis is a degenerate bone disorder that gradually tightens its hold over time. So the symptoms follow a similar pattern as well:

Initial Symptoms of Hip Osteoarthritis:

Pain in the hip joint and stiffness are two common initial symptoms of hip arthritis. The pain can loom in the buttocks, groin or spread over the thighs, especially while standing, walking or running. Strat-up pain which is caused upon standing after a prolonged period sitting is also found in patients in the initial stage do hip arthritis. This period can also cause “flare-ups”: bouts of increased stiffness and pain and patients are advised to consult an experienced orthopaedist for help as soon as possible before the flare-ups.

Refraining from certain physical activities, weight loss, medications like non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, supplements, and physical therapy sessions could be used by the arthritis specialist for hip arthritis treatment during these stages. If you live in and around Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora is the best orthopaedic surgeon in India who can help you treat these symptoms.

Progression of Hip Osteoarthritis:

As arthritis progresses, the symptoms lime pain, weakness, the limited range of motion which are intermittent become more regular making rest very important. As the condition becomes severe hip can start paining even during the rest making a severe dent to the quality of life.

As the condition worsens the hip joint is gradually damaged and when the non-surgical options like medication, joint injections, and physical therapy sessions fail, surgery is considered to be the most effective option by joint replacement surgeons to restore joint health and reduce pain and weakness. Total hip replacement and hip resurfacing are two of the most effective surgical options available for the treatment of severe hip osteoarthritis.

If you are suffering from hip arthritis and are looking for treatment options, Dr. Niraj Vora is the best hip arthritis specialist in Mumbai who has helped hundreds of hip arthritis patients with both surgical and non-surgical treatment procedures.