Pros and Cons of Knee Replacement Surgery | Dr Niraj Vora

Pros and Cons of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is done in order to alleviate pain related to arthritis and increase the mobility in the knee joints.

Benefits of Joint Replacement

  • Lesser pain: Knee replacement would be definitely a painful process. But once the replaced knee heals, it would be less painful when compared to the knee with arthritis and damage. Also, the replaced knee will have increased mobility when compared to the knee with arthritis
  • Long lasting relief: A replacement is not permanent but it can last for around 15-25 years. Compared to the damaged knee, the prosthetic knee will last longer and won’t cause much pain while moving around
  • Restores your quality of life: Your ability to move again will be of great advantage as it can help you in doing your daily chores in ease, without depending on anyone

 Drawbacks of Joint Replacement

  • Lifestyle changes: The doctor would want the patient to lose weight, keep a track of diet and exercise. Even after the surgery, you may have to continue keeping a track of lifestyle and make sure not to increase weight. People who smoke should give up the habit as a result of this replacement
  • Commitment to recovery: After the replacement, the patient should be committed to physiotherapy and exercises. Even after recovery, the patient should follow certain restrictions and stick to leading a healthy life
  • Another replacement: If you had joint replacement when you were young, chances are that you should undergo another surgery as the prosthetic will wear or break out

 Right Time for Joint Replacement

Before deciding to go for a knee replacement, the patient should decide if it is the right time for replacement or not.

  • Try other treatments first: If you have not considered about other non-surgical treatments, check with your doctor if non surgical treatments can be successful in your case
  • Consider other options: A total joint replacement is not your only option. Sometimes you may need only a minor surgery to solve your issue and recovery would be much faster
  • Seek an experienced surgeon: If you are up for a total knee replacement surgery, it would be advisable to seek for an experienced surgeon’s expertise. This is where Dr Niraj Vora’s expertise comes in handy


Dr Niraj Vora is a Hip and Knee specialist and surgeon and consultant orthopaedic surgeon. He has specialised in hip resurfacing and Joint replacement surgeries like Total Hip and Total Knee replacement surgeries. He has successfully performed around 3000+ knee and hip replacement surgeries and 1000+ trauma and other orthopaedic surgeries.

Dr Vora has spent 15 years in UK in learning newer and better techniques in Trauma and Hip and Knee replacement, including the use of Computer Assisted Navigation, Hip Resurfacing and “High Flexion” Knee Replacement. He is also Fellowship trained at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital, Oswestry, UK, which does the largest number of joint replacements a year in the UK.