Dr Niraj Vora:Exercise and Physical Therapy To Reduce Joint Pain

Joint pains are really unbearable, and if the pain persists for over a very long time, a patient definitely needs to go for joint replacement surgery. When a patient is discharged after the knee or joint replacement operation, nurses, joint replacement specialists and physiotherapy experts can help a person to recover quickly. Some of the most effective methods in this direction include:

  • Providing the CPM or Continuous Passive Motion machine to the patient: several preventive measures are adopted by the top orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai, to provide the patients with the CPM which helps in the gentle movement of the knees without the patient’s interference. In the opinion of Dr. Niraj Vora this can be done while the patient stays in bed.
  • Knee manipulation can also be done, where the knee is anaesthetized, and bent and straightened alternatively, in order to break the scar tissues.

Additional physical therapies to mitigate pain:Exercise and Physical Therapy To Reduce Joint Pain

An expert joint specialist or a physiotherapist can also help the patient in the following manner:

  • The best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai will definitely help the patient to understand how much weight is to be borne by the knees. This is done while the patient stands, or if the patient walks with the help of a walker.
  • Weight can be increased or decreased depending on the type of knee or joint replacement. For instance, the knee replacement surgeon can prescribe partial weight-bearing only on the operated knee, and give the patient further instructions to increase or decrease the amount of weight.

The common therapeutic measures:

Knee replacement Mumbai is generally done under experienced practitioners like        Dr. Niraj Laxmikant Vora, and occupational therapists under him teach the patients how to bathe, dress themselves, or climb stairs after a few days post operation. For few weeks after surgery, patients also undergo specialized home, and rehabilitation therapy.

It has to be remembered that post-operative days require full confidence and a positive mindset on part of the patients.