Dr Niraj Vora on Knee Replacement Surgery FAQs

Dr Niraj Vora is a leading Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai with vast experience of performing knee replacement surgeries and treatment. Patients have a lot of queries related to Knee Replacement Surgery, before and after the treatment. They like to know the true facts about undergoing a surgery from an expert surgeon. Dr.Niraj Vora enlightens and shares his expertise by answering few Commonly Asked Questions or say FAQs on Knee Replacement Surgery to the patients who are going to undergo surgery and those who underwent the surgery.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will knee replacement surgery free me from pain totally?

Most of the patients will be pain free and need not have to use any more pain killers. However there are few patients who experience pain but less than the pain that they had experienced prior to the surgery.

 When will I experience the full benefit from surgery?

You will experience great relief from pain after the surgery. It will take some considerable time for you to get back to your normal life and regular activities. You will probably regain some strength around the muscles of the knee and subsequently have improvement in movements. It will take around 6 – 10 months to feel the full benefits of the surgery.

How long will my joint replacement last?

Research shows at 10 years 97% of knees are functioning satisfactorily this reduces to 95% at 15 years and 90% at 20 years.

When will I be able to fly?

You can fly but not prior to six weeks after your operation. The risk of having DVT (clot in the calf) is high within this time period also.

Can I play sports after my total knee replacement?

Yes, you can play a low-impact sports that does not have high stress on your knee. These include golf, bowling, cycling or swimming.

When will I be able to drive?

You can start to drive after the completion of 6 weeks post surgery. It is also possible only if you have not experienced any problems in your rehabilitation period. If you own an automatic car, and went through a left knee replacement, you can drive once the wound is healed. Approximately around 2 weeks post operation you can drive for yourself.

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