Knee Replacement Testimonials of Dr Niraj Vora

Knee Replacement Surgery is a surgical technique of replacing a knee joint to mitigate pain and reduce worsening of the disability. Knee pain is not the only cause for Knee Replacement, but there includes many factors. According to the severity of the problem, a best knee replacement surgeon will perform a series of medical procedures to monitor the disease and will conclude if a patient requires the Knee Replacement Surgery.

Below are the patient testimonials of Dr Niraj Vora:

A patient named PS Wasu, 69 years was suffering with knee problem for many years. He browsed all mumbai based knee replacement surgeons and got struck by the website of Dr Niraj Vora. He consulted him for knee problem in May, 2016 and was completely normal after 4 weeks of knee replacement surgery.

Mrs Shammi Balse got her both knees replaced at Bellevue hospital by Dr Niraj Vora in May, 2016. She was normal after operation and doing her daily routine work. Now she is strongly recommending Dr Niraj Vora to everyone in her circle.

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