Dr Niraj Vora – Six Things to Know About Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery is performed by an expert knee surgeon, but as a patient it is essential for you to know the right things about the Knee Replacement Surgery. It is indicative to recover and get back to your normal life from any surgery and get rid of the problems you faced like pain, injuries and comfortless.

An orthopaedic doctor will examine the patient suffering from different kind of joint problems that arise out of the old age, obesity and many different reasons. Joint pains create a great range of discomfortability to the patients with repeat knee injuries and degenerative knee cartilage diseases. If the patient suffers from great discomfort even after the proper medication and not responding to multiple conservative methods of treatment, the orthopaedic surgeon will advice a full or a partial joint replacement surgery.

Reasons to go for Knee Replacement Surgery:

Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis usually caused by growing age, wear & tear in the knee joints. Most of the patients above 50 experience Osteoarthritis, caused by inflammation, breakdown and loss of cartilage in the joints. It gradually worsen as the age grows and due to stress on knees. Due to the cartilage loss in the joints, patients suffer severe pain while walking. In such situations, bones rub against that adds more friction in joints and results in pain.

To get relief from Osteoarthritis, it is recommended to undergo Knee Replacement Surgery.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another reason and complication to go for Knee Replacement Surgery. It is also called inflammatory arthritis that happens when the membrane surrounding the knee joint is inflamated and becomes thick. The inflammation causes a chronic damage to the cartilage creating soreness and stiffness.

Severe knee injuries are major sources for knee pain and they strongly need to opt for Knee Replacement Surgery. It is like a post-traumatic arthritis, due to severe knee injury there is chance for bones around the knee to break down that affect the knee cartilage. For such cases, surgery is the best option.

Important aspects for you as a patient to know about knee replacement surgery:

About Knee Replacement Surgery and Types:

Knee replacement surgery is replacement of the deceased knee joint with an artificial material like plastic or metal, the surgery is performed by the knee surgeon who has expertise and experience to do the surgery. There are two knee replacement surgeries, like partial knee replacement and total knee replacement surgery.

The life span of any replacement surgery involving metal or ceramic prosthesis is around 10-15 years, so it is usually avoided to advice full replacement surgery for young people. Partial knee replacement is more suitable for younger patients who are suffering from cartilage diseases or sudden injuries.

Knee replacement surgery Ideal for Old patients:

Knee replacement surgery is ideal for old patients over an age of 60 years who are not severely over weight and bold enough to undergo surgical pain.

Surgical Procedure and Recovery Phase:

The surgeon will make a surgical excision using a scalpel or a laser that reduces greatly the bleeding like in other heavy bleeding surgeries. Throughout the procedure the bleeding is low and once the surgeon finds access to knee joint, the surgeon will remove the deceased knee joint with artificial joint. The sophisticated technology has improved the success rate of the surgeries to large extent.

In the recovery phase, the patient is advised to follow certain initial precautions while moving around. There are physical therapy sessions that are designed for patient’s faster recovery. Though they are painful, they improve the patient’s flexibility factors.

Patient will experience a great relief from pain, though the patient has to suffer the gnawing pain of surgery for initial days till the surgical wound heals completely.

Back to Normal Lifestyle:

After the successful procedure of the knee surgery, the patient can revert to normal life style after taking the initial precautions and concerns. It is recommended for any patients who have undergone replacement surgeries to avoid participating in heavy impact exercise like jogging, lifting and skiing. It is better and advised to follow low impact exercises like swimming, golfing and bicycling

Rare chances of Risks

The procedure is a major one that rarely raises the risks of blood clotting, infections, reactions to general anaesthesia in some cases. It is recommended to choose the best knee replacement surgeon who has good experience and expertise to perform a successful surgery after a clear examination of the patient.

95% Success Rate:

Knee Replacement surgeries have about95% success rate in India, and every year there are many patients who are undergoing such surgeries. Most of them are back to their work and life style.

Amidst the many renowned knee surgeons in Mumbai, Dr Niraj Vora is one of the best of knee replacement surgeons who has successfully performed 2000+ total knee replacement and 500+ hip replacement and other trauma surgeries.

Asha Wadia is one of the patients who has been treated by Dr.Niraj Vora. Asha Wadia speaks about her experience with Dr Niraj Vora:

Asha Wadia Says:

I suffered from Knee Pain for almost two years. Pain killers & oil/ ointment massages gave relief temporarily. I consulted three to four well known orthopaedic surgeons of Mumbai, but none of them could give me the confidence for the surgery. Finally, I consulted Dr. Niraj L. Vora at Kokilaben Ambani hospital, Andheri. He was sincere, dedicated, & explained the need for the surgery so well to me, that I immediately felt confident and at ease. I opted for surgery of one knee at a time, which proved excellent for me. My recovery was fast. I looked forward to have the surgery done for the second knee, which was done within a year.

Asha Wadia

I am feeling well & carrying on my household duties smoothly. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Niraj L. Vora as he is a great orthopaedic surgeon.”

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