Wearing High Heels can Lead to Total Joint Replacement

If you do not want to risk yourself from developing Osteoarthritis in the knee joints, then stay away from wearing high heels, says, Dr. Niraj Vora, unquestionably, the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai. This can result in the deterioration of the knee joints, ultimately leading to total joint replacement. The reason of women risking a total joint replacement of the knee twice as much as men, is due to the risk factor arising out of wearing high heels. The best joint replacement specialist Mumbai opines, that, shock waves develop from the foot and rise to the knees, when wearing high heels, causing compression of the knee joints. This gradually causes the degeneration of the knee bones, until the time comes, when a total joint replacement can be the only alternative treatment.

There are advanced joint replacement treatments in Mumbai, which are carried out under the supervision of highly qualified and best joint replacement surgeon in Mumbai, like Dr. Niraj Vora. Even wearing clogs instead of high heels is considered risky, as the impact on the knees is 15% more, when compared with shoes having flat heels and which are more flexible. The question arises on what should be the best footwear to negate the risk of knee degeneration and total joint replacement. While some suggest Flip-flops or Foot-gloves, the best alternative, although not viable, is walking barefooted. There are certain risks with both the Flip-flops and the Foot-gloves. While the former is no doubt flexible, older people may stand a risk of tripping, while the latter is not designed to absorb the shock totally, when the foot hits the ground. This footwear is also more risky for those already suffering from Osteoarthritis.

The final opinion of any best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai, is to wear high heels if at all the situation demands, which are not above 2 inches in height. Those women, whose profession demands to wear high heels, can take some time off their schedule, to walk with flat heels, in order to compensate some of the impact on the knees, when wearing high heels. Otherwise, total joint replacement can be inevitable, where the joint replacement surgery recovery period may be too long to play a spoilsport in your career. For contacting Dr. Niraj Vora, you can visit http://drnirajvora.com/.