Advantage and Disadvantages of Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Joint pains are experienced in people with growing age that desperately affects on their life styles. Immobility, stiffness in muscles and severe knee pains are the major health complications that affect the ability to perform certain simple to regular activities. When the pain is intolerable, the surgeon recommends the patient to undergo Knee Replacement Surgery either partial or total based upon the severity of the knee problem.
Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Like in any case, there are two sides of any health issue. Total knee replacement surgery has got its own advantages and disadvantages. A patient who undergoes the surgery is liable to both benefits as well as side effects of the surgery.

Advantages of Total Knee Replacement Surgery:

  • It enhances the quality of life after the surgery with better and health knee joints.

  • It helps to remove the disability factors like immobility, restricted movements of knees and instability.

  • It helps the patient to experience total elimination of pain in the knee joints and enable them to restore their range of motion in the knees.

  • It gives great relief to patients and gets them back to their daily activities like climbing stairs, walking, sitting and getting up from chair, thus enabling them to lead a normal life.

  • It improves the muscle strength in patients and enhances the alignment in-case of any adjustment made for deformity or knock-knee or bow-legs.

  • the cost of the surgery has been constantly coming down to make it within the reach of the common man.

Disadvantages of Total Knee Replacement Surgery:

  • There is a possibility for formation of blood clots in the legs which can cause chest pain and shortness of breath in long run.

  • There is chance for urinary tract infection, nerve damage and blood vessel injury.

  • After surgery, the patient can get into complications like Nausea and vomiting, swelling, chronic knee pain and stiffness and bleeding into the joint of the knee.

  • There is also possibility of developing infection in the knee that requires admission not hospital and re-operation.

No matter how much ever complicated the surgery is and have side effects, a best surgeon can take serious concerns to do it perfectly. The best total knee replacement surgeon takes necessary precautions while performing surgery to avoid complications for the patient in future. Dr.Niraj Vora, as a leading total knee replacement surgeon has proved to be on par excellence in performing 2000+ successful total knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries.