Knee Replacement Specialist in Mumbai

Given the growing number of patients in India with knee joint pains, especially in Mumbai, there is an increase in number of knee replacement specialist and consultants. Knees are vital part of human body and play an important role in movement of legs while walking, jumping, climbing, and various actions of mobility. Knee joint pain is a common health problem among people for many reasons like growing age, physical strain & mental stress and chronic fatigue.

Knee problems arise due to injuries or diseases. The most common disease is arthritis which is also called joint inflammation. Knee problems due to injuries can be due to sporting activities and sudden movements that strain the knee beyond its capacity.

Depending upon the severity of the knee problem, the orthopaedic doctor will advise you to undergo for knee replacement surgery. Choosing the best knee replacement surgeon for your knee problems is very crucial. You have to be very careful while you consult an orthopaedic doctor. Ask your family doctor to suggest the best knee replacement surgeon or go for a surgeon based upon his or her experience or reference of other patients and their responses as testimonials on their websites.

Choose the orthopaedic surgeon, who is humble and sensible enough to study your medical history and examine thoroughly by performing all required tests to arrive at the decision of advising you for a knee replacement surgery. It is always better to know how many successful surgeries he/she has performed earlier and about his educational background. Do not take back step to ask all your doubts about the credentials of the doctor. You can even ask risk factors involved in undergoing for surgery if any. A good surgeon will never hesitate to answer your queries and will clearly explain you the procedure of the surgery, it’s after affects and plus points.

If you are facing knee problems and looking for a best replacement surgeon and orthopaedic consultant in Mumbai, Consult Dr.Niraj Vora, he is one of the popular knee replacement surgeons in Mumbai who has the most humble nature towards his patients and the best at his practice.