Orthopaedic Specialist in India – Dr Niraj Vora

The ready availability of sophisticated technologies, state-of the art orthopaedic facilities, and expert orthopaedic surgeons in India have made India a premier medical tourism destination for foreigners too. Orthopaedic surgeries are performed as a part of medical treatment to handle health complications related to bones and joints pains. Orthopaedic Surgeons offer the best orthopeadic care for different injuries and health issues related to knee, hip, back and spine care. There is a huge demand for orthopaedic surgeries with growing number of patients with simple, moderate and complex health issues related to joint pains.

The orthopaedic treatments are of wide variety that follow a process to restore the range of motion and flexibility to improve the quality of the patient suffering from arthritis, back & joints pains, sport and accident injuries. Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement are the most common orthopedic surgeries performed that help many patients to bounce back to their routine life and resume to their daily activities.

In India, Mumbai is well known for the most experienced orthopaedic specialists and is famous for orthopedic surgery treatments. Doctor Niraj Vora is one of the leading orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai who have performed around 2000+ total knee replacement surgeries and 500+ total hip replacement surgeries along with trauma surgeries. There are many patients who have undergone surgeries by Dr.Niraj Vora and have expressed their overwhelming responses as their gratitude that are now live as patients testimonials on the official website of Doctor Niraj L Vora.

He is well known for his hospitable nature and patience he sustains while dealing any patient from moderate to complex problems related to joint and back pains. He is available for Consultation at Asian Orthopaedic Institute, a part of the Asian Heart Hospital in Bandra, Bombay. He also provides dedicated services through BelleVue Multispeciality Hospital.

He is an expert orthopaedic surgeon with specialization in certain body areas like knee and hip. He is also specialist in trauma, fracture treatments and has been extensively trained in the UK.

 People, who are suffering from orthopaedic problems can feel free to contact Dr Niraj L Vora by submitting a query.