Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Rehab Exercises After Surgery

Exercises are the most practical way of keeping in good health. Any exercise irrespective of its nature is beneficial to the total health system of human body. Knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and ankle joint pains are the most common problems faced by mostly old age people or people who have met with an accident. These orthopaedic complications are reflection of various factors, majority of people complain joint pains only after a certain age or due to any mishap like accident or fallouts. The pain medication is necessary for resolving joint pains but in severe cases, it definitely needs a surgery. Knee replacement surgeries can either be partial or total depending upon the complexity of the knee injury and pain tolerance level.

Knee rehab exercises are natural way to cure your surgery pain and get back to your normal life at a fast phase. Any person who has gone through a knee surgery, it is must to go through the knee rehabilitation program for speedy recovery. Knee rehab exercises are advised to patients to give them a boost towards life and easy healing.

Stretching and strengthening exercises are necessary on the knee after surgery. Rehabilitation exercises will certainly help a way of smoother process in stronger knees.

Why should one perform Knee Exercises after a knee surgery?

The main goal is to prevent weakness that could occur in the muscles surrounding the knee and also to lessen the burden on the knee joint. People with stronger muscles have fewer problems when compared to the people with weaker muscles.

Why Stretching Out is important?

It is very essential for patient to stretch out his knee at the beginning and ending of the knee exercise as simple leg stretches will help in performing further rehab exercises. The stretching at the initial and latter stage should be in proper condition as improper stretching will adversely affect the knees and may even cause injury

Why should one exercise for muscles that surround the knee?

Knees are surrounded by Quadriceps, hamstring, and calf muscles, the knee rehab exercise are mainly meant for these muscles. Whenever a injury occurs, these muscles get weak and become less supportive to the knees. Exercises help these muscles to strengthen gradually.

Knee rehabilitation program is positive approach for the patient to get in life and normal activities. Many surgeons in Mumbai have exclusive and efficient practice in knee rehabilitation program. One of the leading knee surgeons in Mumbai, Dr.Niraj Vora, takes the superior concern of his patients through the best knee rehab program. To know more about Dr Niraj Vora, please feel free to contact him: http://www.drnirajvora.com/contact.html