Dr Niraj Vora – Precautions of Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Hip Replacement surgery have three major types of artificial hip replacement like Cemented prosthesis, Uncemented prosthesis and Hybrid prosthesis. The three types of surgeries are performed to give an end solution to the gnawing pain in the hip joints and bringing patient back to his normal life.

After the surgery, patient needs to be very careful and should follow each and every precautionary measure suggested by the surgeon. Immediately after the surgery and when the patient is able to take his normal food, they are advised to start some exercises under the supervision of physiotherapist like breathing exercises that helps patient’s chest after the anaesthetic, and also helps in circulation. The patient is advised to keep moving his feet and ankles up and down while they are lying in bed or sitting in a chair with assistance. They can start to walk, usually with a walker at first, and gradually progress to crutches.

Hip Replacement

Some movements should be avoided for about 12 weeks after the surgery is performed to minimize the risk of dislocation in joints.

  • Avoid bending down to touch below either knee.
  • Avoid folding your operated leg up towards your body.
  • Avoid bending hip beyond 90º (a right angle).
  • Avoid crossing your legs.
  • Avoid twisting your new hip.

Continue the suggested exercises by physiotherapist and keep walking progressively. Different patients have different pain tolerance levels and the pain will be gradually down with Time, Exercise and Medication. If the patient experiences any of the following problems, they should consult the surgeon immediately.

  • The wound bleeds or discharges continuously.
  • Feels feverish, experience shivers and sickness.
  • Wound/leg becomes very hot and red.
  • Experience increased pain not helped by medication or rest.
  • Increased painful swelling not helped by ice and elevation.
  • Increased pain in the calf muscle.
  • Sudden onset of shortness in breath and experience pain while taking breath.

Always try to keep active while in ward as it is much easier to walk around with crutches.

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