Microfracture Surgery for Cartilage Repair in the Knee

Cartilage is a tough and flexible connective tissue that acts as a cushion at the joint to reduce the friction between the bones. The damage to the cartilage often results in inflammation joint pain and mobility problems. Unlike other joint components, cartilage does not have a blood supply and as a result, it takes a […]

Torn Meniscus Symptoms and Causes

A c-shaped disc made up of soft cartilage that cats like shock absorber for the knee is Meniscus. And according to knee surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Niraj Vora the meniscus tear happens to be the most common causes of knee pain. Depending on the severity of tear it may also need surgery to make the […]

Septic Arthritis Treatment in Mumbai

Septic arthritis is an excruciatingly painful infection caused by a virus, bacteria, or fungus. These germs travel from one region of the body to another, and a penetrating injury might pave the way for them to enter the joints directly. The immediate need for treating this medical condition lies within its destructive nature. Septic arthritis […]

Intercondylar Tibial Eminence Fracture

The tibia or the shinbone is the frontal large bone below the knee- which connects the knee with the ankle. The intercondylar area is an eminent part of the tibia or the shinbone. The fracture of this part of the tibia or the shinbone is defined as intercondylar tibial eminence fracture. The intercondylar tibial eminence […]

Osteoporosis Treatment in Mumbai

Osteoporosis is a medical condition where the body loses too much bone and as a result, the bone becomes weak and brittle increasing the risk of fracture many times over. Body losing too much bone is the key here to understand the cause and effect of Osteoporosis. In this blog let us dig in to […]

Visionaire Knee Replacement

Visionaire knee arthroplasty or knee replacement is a method used to replace your worn-out knees with a healthier pair for better functioning and comfort. Here, X-Rays and MRI images are used to design the specific and special tools that will be needed for your surgery. This process helps in getting rid of the pain and […]

Calcium Pyrophosphate Crystals Deposition (CPPD)

Every person knows the pain and discomfort that arthritis can cause to one and their loved ones. There are many kinds of arthritis that a person may develop and one of them is the calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition disease (CPPD). To know everything about this disease, keep reading the entire article.  What is calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition disease? […]

Prosthetic Joint Infections(PJI) – Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Joint replacement surgery is a boon to patients suffering from severe arthritis that require the replacement of the joint with a prosthetic joint. Over the years Joint replacement has provided significant relief to arthritis patients improving their mobility and restoring their joint unction with an extraordinary success rate. In fact, Dr Niraj Vora is one […]

Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head Treatment

In this article, we will take a closer look at the treatment for the avascular necrosis of the femoral head. If you approach your doctor with a complaint of joint pain and reduced mobility, they will press your joints and check for tenderness in different positions. They will also conduct imaging tests like X- rays, […]

Hip Replacement Surgery Before and After

Any surgery requires a lot of steps to be followed before and after it is carried out. There are a lot of precautions, diligence, and rules that need to be followed in order to get the optimum result from the surgery. One of the most commonly carried out surgeries is hip replacement surgery. It is […]